Public Service Broadcasting – Every Valley

every valley

As apologies go, this has to be up there. London trio Public Service Broadcasting tackle the complex topic of life in the Valleys through the mining crisis and beyond, effectively a sorry to the people of South Wales for missing them off their last tour.
The resulting record is another masterpiece in storytelling, using real archived audio from miners, as well as new interviews carried out by J.Willgoose, Esq. combined with compelling beats and beautiful strings. Recorded in a former workers’ institute in Ebbw Vale, collaborations with the Manics’ James Dean Bradfield, Haiku Salut and 9Bach’s Lisa Jen Brown help bring to life the resilience, loss and love of those communities in the mid-80s.
What concept album about Wales would be complete without a male-voice choir? Beaufort Male Choir’s Take Me Home packs a powerful punch at the end of a beautifully put together and educational album.