JustCollecting update their Record Index ahead of RSD '17

Ahead of Record Store Day’s 10th Anniversary JustCollecting has released an update to its “I’ve got one of those” Record Index, which has been produced in conjunction with London record shop Rat Records.


Shying away from the obscure LPs known only to the vinyl anoraks, the index reveals the prices of popular first pressings that may be sitting in your collection. Here are some of the most notable performers in the index.

  • David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust is the index’s best performer, up 21.1% a year on average since analysis began in 2004. Values have shot up for first pressings from £5 in 2004 to £60 today – mostly in the last year, following Bowie’s death
  • Prince’s Purple Rain has also gained in value following the star’s passing, up from £5 as recently as 2014 to £20 today
  • The most valuable record in the index is a low numbered (under 1,000) copy of the Beatles’ White Album at £5,000 – each record received a unique number

Most valuable records in the “I’ve got one of those” Record Index

  • The Beatles: White Album (1968), Apple (UK), number under 1000: £5,000
  • Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin (1969), Atlantic (UK), turquoise lettering: £1,000
  • Pink Floyd: A Saucerful of Secrets (1967) (mono), EMI Columbia (UK): £700

Best performing records 2004-2017

  • David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust (1972), RCA Victor (UK), no MainMan credit: up 21.1% per annum to £60
  • The Beatles: White Album (1968), Apple (UK), number under 1,000: up 19.4% per annum to £5,000
  • The Who: My Generation (1965), Brunswick (UK): up 17.4% per annum to £200

“Forget the obscure. Forget the impossibly rare. Here is a record index full of records you might actually own,” says JustCollecting’s Dan Wade. “Just like with first edition books, it’s first pressings collectors want (‘Google’ the catalogue number if in doubt). And the condition of both disc and sleeve are also key concerns. ‘Mint’ or ‘near mint’ examples come at a premium. The deaths in 2016 of David Bowie, Prince and George Michael have seen values rise for their records, as nostalgic fans look to own a piece of their legacy. If you’re looking to get a first pressing of Ziggy Stardust, make sure the rear cover doesn’t contain a credit to his management company, MainMan. Only the reissues do.”
Check to see if you have any priceless rarities in your collection at the JustCollecting Record Index here.