David Bowie is… Live And Well.com

Bowie vinyl news incoming! 15 January will see Parlophone Records release the third in its series of six live releases from his Nineties era. The suitably-titled LIVEANDWELL.COM (yes, it’s intentionally-capitalised) references the Thin White Duke’s some might say, soothsayer-like obsession with the quaint old concept of “the information superhighway.” Continue reading David Bowie is… Live And Well.com

Paul McCartney: Six before III…

McCartney III, Paul’s “rockdown” project, is set for release on 11 December. But how will it rank alongside such a rich and varied back catalogue? Let us know your views of the album and where it would sit alongside these: Long Live Viny’s ‘six of the best’ selection from McCartney I to the present day, via Wings, Costello, Godrich, and all points in between… 1. … Continue reading Paul McCartney: Six before III…

The Top 10 Releases of Record Store Day Drop 3

Masks at the ready? Today’s the final Record Store Day Drop of the year and, we have to say, we’ve really enjoyed the spreading out of releases, queuing and shopping. Even if the world is spinning normally in 2021, we’d like to see the multiple drop approach continue next year. By the time you read this the RSD hardcore will be back home playing their … Continue reading The Top 10 Releases of Record Store Day Drop 3

John & Ringo – Voiceover Pals

Back in July, when it was Ringo Starr’s birthday, we got a great response when we posted the original TV ad for easily the campest Ringo album of all time, Goodnight Vienna, to the Long Live Vinyl facebook. John Lennon helped Ringo out by doing the voice-over for that one. So, as part of our ongoing celebrations of Lennon’s 80th birthday, we thought we’d go one stage further and post the ad where Ringo returned the favour, for John’s Walls & Bridges LP… Continue reading John & Ringo – Voiceover Pals

John Lennon & Yoko Ono ‎– Life With The Lions

To kick off our celebrations of John Lennon’s 80th birthday, we’re going where no other music magazine has ever been before: on a deep dive into one of his most inspired and challenging albums ever: John & Yoko’s Unfinished Music No.2, Life With The Lions. Perhaps the highest-selling Avant-Garde album in music history – Lennon claimed it sold 60,000 copies in the US alone, versus 25,000 for Two Virgins – drop the needle on a copy and join Ian Peel for a slice of life with the Lennons… Continue reading John Lennon & Yoko Ono ‎– Life With The Lions

How do you spend £29,105.58 on just 10 records?

So, how do you spend almost £30k on just 10 records? Simple, buy the 10 most expensive records sold on Discogs in August. And, if you did, as well as having one of the smallest and most expensive record collections in the world, you’d also have one of the most varied. Discogs’ ten highest hitters this month is a mixed back to say the least. … Continue reading How do you spend £29,105.58 on just 10 records?

Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on his Top Ten Vinyl

The erstwhile Sex Pistols bassist and Rich Kids frontman is currently on tour in support of his solo record, Good To Go. He shares 10 of his favourite albums with Dave Steinfeld… Faces – A Nod Is As Good As A Wink… To A Blind Horse “It’s got Stay With Me on it and it opens with Miss Judy’s Farm, which is one of the best … Continue reading Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on his Top Ten Vinyl

big star vinyl

Drummer Jody Stephens lifts the lid on Big Star

Despite a stellar back catalogue, Big Star will always be one of music’s great what-if stories. Huw Baines talks to band member Jody Stephens about what might have been. “Basically, in the mid-1970s, the only people on the planet who knew Big Star were rock critics and record store clerks,” R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, one of the countless musicians to take influence from Big Star after the fact once said… Continue reading Drummer Jody Stephens lifts the lid on Big Star

Horse Lords – The Common Task

Horse Lords – The Common Task

On paper, Baltimore’s Horse Lords sound more interesting than they do appealing. Like worthy but not fun math-rockers. On this third album, they employ algorithmic composition techniques and knotty time signatures, fired up by the radical socialist theories explored in Chile prior to General Pinochet’s coup d’état. On record, Horse Lords run wild and free. Heavy microtonal riffs ring out over galloping polyrhythms and a … Continue reading Horse Lords – The Common Task