The 60 Greatest Debut Albums Of All Time

Some artists develop their sound over the course of a long career, working gradually towards a creative peak, while others hit the ground running and deliver a fully realised masterwork at the first time of asking. And it’s the latter group we pay tribute to here as  Gary Tipp names vinyl’s greatest debut albums… Debut albums have several advantages over what follows in a band’s … Continue reading The 60 Greatest Debut Albums Of All Time

Genre Hopping: Female-fronted pioneers

The women of garage rock, grunge pop and indie have been busy. Chris Parkin celebrates a slew of tremendous new vinyl releases. There’s only one rule concerning album announcements: don’t do it on the same day that Sleater-Kinney reveal to the world they’re recording a new album with Annie Clark (aka St Vincent). At least that’s the “note-to-self” that Mary Timony – Carrie Brownstein and … Continue reading Genre Hopping: Female-fronted pioneers

Asylum Party – Borderline

This album from a French synth band just missed the ‘cold wave’ at the end of the 80s and, as a result, is a fascinating and collectable rarity… The 80s were filled with post-punk and gothic-rock bands, generally catering to a niche market. While several crossed over into mainstream pop, some were destined to stay obscure, garnering only cult status. Some records, unknown to the … Continue reading Asylum Party – Borderline

Rowland S. Howard – Teenage Snuff Film

Australian guitarist and songwriter Rowland S. Howard followed stints in The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party with this solo debut. Having already had a storied career with The Boys Next Door (Shiversis surely one of the greatest songs ever written) and then moved on to The Birthday Party, Rowland S. Howard was regarded as one of the best songwriters of the late 80s/early … Continue reading Rowland S. Howard – Teenage Snuff Film

80s post-punk band Maximum Joy return with new music

Seminal 80s post-punk band Maximum Joy return with new music after a rebrand… Meet MXMJoY. Birthed from the seminal 1980s post-punk band Maximum Joy, MXMJoY is the dramatic reimagining by founding members Janine Rainforth and Charlie Llewellin. Their brand new album, P.E.A.C.E is due for a limited edition vinyl release on the 22 February via Janine’s own label, London Field Recordings. Returning with a new … Continue reading 80s post-punk band Maximum Joy return with new music

paul weller/wild wood

Paul Weller – Paul Weller/Wild Wood

Unless you had a spare £200, grabbing Paul Weller/Wild Wood on vinyl would be relatively impossible. Until now. John Earls reports… UNIVERSAL You’d think that Paul Weller would be at the centre of the vinyl revival. Not only do 7” rarities fit with the Mod ethos, but Weller’s fans have shown their hunger for vinyl whenever the option arises, most recently when The Jam’s Sound … Continue reading Paul Weller – Paul Weller/Wild Wood