Editors – “Good looks, good songs, thick skins!”

Editors have been at it since 2002 and with the release of best-of compilation Black Gold, now is the time to take stock. Gary Walker talks to their frontman about the band’s longevity, their back catalogue and hanging out with R.E.M. … 15 years separate your debut album and the release of Black Gold, a period in which the music industry has changed hugely. What … Continue reading Editors – “Good looks, good songs, thick skins!”

Belfast’s Strange Victory Records- “like-minded people…”

The Northern Irish capital has seen the slow erosion of its once plentiful record shops over the past three decades. Cara Gibney visits Strange Victory Records to meet a pair of vinyl obsessives who are reversing that trend… It’s hard to keep them on track, Darren Smyth and Jeff Doherty. We are in Strange Victory Records, their recently unveiled, independent, much needed record shop, run … Continue reading Belfast’s Strange Victory Records- “like-minded people…”

JJ72’s Hilary Woods on Her Most-Loved Vinyl

With her new solo album, Birthmarks, due out in March, the former JJ72 bassist explains why the gothic soundtrack to a 1970s Czech horror film made such an enduring impression… Ten years ago, I got my first record player. The speakers were 1980s hi-fi creatures that I rescued from a local skip. The turntable itself was a present from a friend, who recognised that after … Continue reading JJ72’s Hilary Woods on Her Most-Loved Vinyl

Joy Division's Closer to be reissued for 40th anniversary

Joy Division have announced the re-release of sophomore album Closer on 17 July to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the LP. Joy Division will be re-releasing a 40th anniversary edition of their sophomore album Closer, on 17 July 2020. The release follows last year’s reissue of the ground-breaking debut album Unknown Pleasures, and will be pressed on clear vinyl. As well as the LP release, non-album singles Transmission, … Continue reading Joy Division's Closer to be reissued for 40th anniversary

Happy Mondays

Happy Mondays – Squirrel and G-Man and more…

Shaun Ryder is nobody’s fool. He spent a large part of his imperial years pretending to be an oaf. Unlike many other drug casualties of the punk wars and ecstasy years, he’s matured into a sanguine and avuncular figure. But has the music survived quite so intact? Most people’s entry point to the band came with Kinky Afro and Step On, both of which appear … Continue reading Happy Mondays – Squirrel and G-Man and more…

Electronic – Electronic

Electronic – Electronic

Previously released on heavyweight vinyl in 2015, Rhino’s new pressing is oddly timed: Electronic turns 30 next year. It also downgrades the album to regular vinyl, though at £17 it’s at least much cheaper, too – including for a limited white vinyl pressing. The other difference is, for some reason, substituting the sleeve’s original (and definitive, if you ask me! — Ed.) orange landscape for … Continue reading Electronic – Electronic

The cure seventeen seconds vinyl

The Cure – Seventeen Seconds

Robert Smith’s guitar gently weeps over a lonely piano. Welcome to Seventeen Seconds. This unsettling instrumental sets the mood for the next 35 minutes, 40 seconds. Deliberately disjointed, the fear factor is heightened towards the end by a harrowing, almost indecipherable, moan… Whatever it is, or is intended to be, the sound will chill you to the bone. Continue reading The Cure – Seventeen Seconds

The Cure Seventeen Seconds Vinyl

The Making of The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds

Shadowy gloom has haunted The Cure since the release of 1980’s Seventeen Seconds. Robert Smith curated an atmosphere that was otherworldly and unsettling, yet curiously comforting. Over the next 40 years, the band wrote some of the most effervescent pop songs ever recorded, yet the mood established here, as Dan Biggane discovers, is one they would ultimately return to again and again… Continue reading The Making of The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds

The Top 40 Nick Cave Vinyl Everyone Needs

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are an unusual band in that they don’t have one essential classic album that defines them. Or even a classic period. There is no one must-buy album of theirs that jumps out above all overs. Instead, what they have created is an eclectic yet coherent body of work that is almost unfathomably consistent in its greatness, innovation and sense of evolution… Continue reading The Top 40 Nick Cave Vinyl Everyone Needs