The 10 Essential Roger Dean Covers

In addition to our huge Roger Dean interview, we present the 10 essential Roger Dean covers that we think are simply breathtaking… 1. Osibisa – Osibisa, 1971 Formed in the late 60s by a set of top-flight musicians from across Ghana, Nigeria and the Caribbean, this London-based outfit melded African music, jazz, rock, R&B, latin and pop to great effect. Not least on Osibisa – … Continue reading The 10 Essential Roger Dean Covers

white glue

Wrangler – White Glue

Andy Jones reviews White Glue, the sophomore effort from Wrangler, which builds on the experimental foundations of their debut whilst tackling a broader range of genres… MEMETUNE This sort of ‘electronic supergroup’ features former Cabaret Voltaire member Stephen Mallinder, Tunng’s Phil Winter and Ben ‘Benge’ Edwards, who owns one of the finest analogue synth collections in the UK. The band’s debut album, LA Spark (2014), … Continue reading Wrangler – White Glue


Soul II Soul – Origins

Soul II Soul’s new record Origins is truly a sight to behold and one that would make an eye-catching addition to your collection. Andy Jones reports… METROPOLIS RECORDINGS This boxset consists of two heavyweight vinyl albums and a USB stick packed with extra sleeve notes and exclusive video content, all housed in a wood-effect slipcase that really is something to behold. Origins is a must-purchase … Continue reading Soul II Soul – Origins

Skye & Ross – Skye | Ross

Andy Jones reviews Skye | Ross, the closest thing to a new Morcheeba record on the horizon and it does not disappoint… FLY AGARIC/COOKING VINYL This is the latest chapter in the complex history of Morcheeba, which has seen founding brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey part and eventually reunite with original singer, Skye Edwards. The current incarnation is Morcheeba minus one and as the duo … Continue reading Skye & Ross – Skye | Ross

Feeder – All Bright Electric

Through trials and tribulations it seems that Feeder have emerged all the better for it with their ninth studio album All Bright Electric. Andy Price reports… COOKING VINYL The Newport-based duo have enjoyed a somewhat erratic career since their UK chart heyday in 2001, with the high-octane Just A Day and the anthemic Buck Rogers. They never truly recaptured the same vitality that they’d once … Continue reading Feeder – All Bright Electric

Classic Rock Anthems

Various Artists – Classic Rock Anthems

Unless you’re an owner of a car from the mid-1950s with a turntable built-in you’ll have to spin Classic Rock Anthems at home and let your imagination do the rest. According to Andy Jones, that’s not a bad thing… DEMON MUSIC GROUP This compilation, which is exclusively available on heavyweight double vinyl, is housed in a gatefold sleeve depicting a neon-lit road that makes you … Continue reading Various Artists – Classic Rock Anthems

the ultimate collection

Black Sabbath – The Ultimate Collection 4-LP Set

If you’re looking to add some classic Sabbath to your record collection you may want to check out The Ultimate Collection. John Thakray reports… BMG Ahead of the band’s The End tour next year, the West Midlands’ dark lords of heavy metal have returned with their latest ensemble of classic tracks spanning the bands early career, between 1970 and 1978. As you’d hope with anything … Continue reading Black Sabbath – The Ultimate Collection 4-LP Set

cooking vinyl

Various Artists – Cooking Vinyl 1986-2016

Andy Jones reviews the genre-spanning 7-LP boxset to mark the 30th Anniversary of Cooking Vinyl… COOKING VINYL To mark the 30th anniversary of Cooking Vinyl, the stalwart UK indie label, a number of events are planned, including a new book entitled It’s A Business Doing Pleasure With You – 30 Lessons From The Cooking Vinyl Story and this whopping seven-album set featuring 70 tracks from … Continue reading Various Artists – Cooking Vinyl 1986-2016

a very british synthesiser group

The Human League – A Very British Synthesiser Group

Human League’s new singles anthology ‘A Very British Synthesiser Group’ is now on wax, but is it worth shelling out for? John Earls reports… UNIVERSAL There’s a certain symmetry in the League releasing this extensive new singles anthology: it’s their ninth hits set and they’ve also released the same number of actual albums. In fairness, none of those previous comps have been quite so exhaustive … Continue reading The Human League – A Very British Synthesiser Group

Sony – PS-HX500: “The best of both worlds…”

Sony’s new PS-HX500 could be just what you need if you still want to embrace the digital music revolution, but enjoy the beauty of vinyl, too. Andy Jones reports… £299 – You might be reading this magazine if you are a new vinyl convert or may be a little like me, rediscovering its virtues after decades away. Either way, you’ve probably been quite happy … Continue reading Sony – PS-HX500: “The best of both worlds…”