paul weller/wild wood

Paul Weller – Paul Weller/Wild Wood

Unless you had a spare £200, grabbing Paul Weller/Wild Wood on vinyl would be relatively impossible. Until now. John Earls reports… UNIVERSAL You’d think that Paul Weller would be at the centre of the vinyl revival. Not only do 7” rarities fit with the Mod ethos, but Weller’s fans have shown their hunger for vinyl whenever the option arises, most recently when The Jam’s Sound … Continue reading Paul Weller – Paul Weller/Wild Wood

69 love songs

The Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs

John Earls reviews 69 Love Songs, Domino’s six-disc 10″ boxset that brings together the classic 1999 collection… DOMINO Initially regarded as an arch chamber pop outfit similar to The Divine Comedy, the world revised its opinion of Stephin Merritt’s collective when he turned in the three-hour self-explanatory 69 Love Songs in 1999. It wasn’t just the quantity and bravura nature of the project, it was … Continue reading The Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs

kid a and amnesiac

Radiohead – Kid A/Amnesiac

Previously pressed on 10″ vinyl, both Kid A and Amnesiac are now available on 12″ heavyweight-vinyl. John Earls reports… XL For a band who seem to regard innovation as their most important quality, there’s no surprises Radiohead haven’t troubled the reissue market. There’s never been a deluxe edition of any Radiohead album, which hasn’t been helped by the infamously messy end of their record deal … Continue reading Radiohead – Kid A/Amnesiac

Vinyl Care: Looking After Your Records

Look after your valuable collection with Andy Price’s guide to keeping your actively played records, and your player, in tip-top condition So you’ve amassed hundreds (if not thousands) of records, which you intend to play regularly. You might be a dyed-in-the-wool collector who’s been buying vinyl since it was the singular format for music consumption, or maybe you’re a newcomer to record-buying, attracted to their … Continue reading Vinyl Care: Looking After Your Records

coming up

Suede – Coming Up: 20th Anniversary

We return to Suede’s Coming Up, one of the finest records of the 90s that’s been reissued on vinyl for the 20th Anniversary. John Earls reports… EDSEL Suede’s first album to feature Richard Oakes in place of Bernard Butler remains their finest pop statement. Concise and belligerent, it finds room for the gutter glam exhilaration of Trash and Filmstar alongside their trademark sweeping balladry on … Continue reading Suede – Coming Up: 20th Anniversary

Angelo Baladamenti – Twin Peaks

With the imminent return of the iconic TV series it’s perhaps the best time to revisit the classic soundtrack from Twin Peaks, which returns to vinyl after 25 years. John Earls reports… DEATH WALTZ With excitement mounting over David Lynch’s new Twin Peaks TV series next year, Death Waltz has chosen an ideal time to get Angelo Badalamenti’s score back on vinyl, 25 years after … Continue reading Angelo Baladamenti – Twin Peaks


Various Artists – Trainspotting (20th Anniversary)

The long-out-of-print Trainspotting soundtrack has been reissued on orange 180g vinyl. John Earls reports… WARNER Two key moments in Trainspotting are soundtracked by its older songs – Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life undercutting Ewan McGregor’s ‘Choose life’ speech and Lou Reed’s Perfect Day accompanying his heroin injection. But it’s also the ultimate Britpop soundtrack, with director Danny Boyle convincing most of the era’s big hitters … Continue reading Various Artists – Trainspotting (20th Anniversary)

BBC Radiophonic Workshop – 21

If you’re in need of a compilation containing 21 years of classic BBC recordings then look no further. Andy Jones reports… This is re-release of a 1979 collection celebrating 21 years of unusual, creative and iconic recordings, straight from the heart of the BBC, an organisation that in 1958 was encouraging creativity by setting up this most fascinating of workshops. Side 1 is mono and … Continue reading BBC Radiophonic Workshop – 21

no further ahead than today

Ulrich Schnauss – No Further Ahead Than Today

Ulrich Schnauss’ fifth solo release could be the solid helping of electronica that you’ve been missing. Andy Jones reports… SCRIPTED REALITIES/PIAS Kiel-born, London-based Schnauss’s first two albums, Far Away Trains Go Passing By (2001) and A Strangely Isolated Place (2003), saw him become a leading light in the post-millennium resurgence of electronic music. While much of the early 2000s’ electronica output was appreciated for its … Continue reading Ulrich Schnauss – No Further Ahead Than Today

dream darling

The Slow Slow – Dream Darling

The Slow Slow second full-length Dream Darling is a magnificently miserable and emotive record that’s knocked us for six. Andy Jones reports… HALDEN POP RECORDINGS Oh, if everything shitty in life could be sorted out by writing a (bloody good) song about it, as this Mancunian outfit are wont to do, then we’d all be a lot better off by now. Their debut release, White … Continue reading The Slow Slow – Dream Darling