Wilson Audio

Wilson Audio’s Sasha DAW: “amazing levels of sonic detail…”

You’ll need to pay a pretty penny for the world’s most accomplished loudspeakers… The Sasha DAW is hand-built in Utah, USA and finished in Wilson Audio’s automotive-class paint facility. The speakers trace their lineage back to the legendary WATT/Puppy – the best-selling loudspeaker above $10,000 in the history of audio. Oh and ‘DAW’? It stands for ‘David Andrew Wilson’, Wilson Audio’s founder, who passed away earlier … Continue reading Wilson Audio’s Sasha DAW: “amazing levels of sonic detail…”

Ebony Speakers

Monitor Audio Platinum’s PI500 II: “greater sound accuracy…”

These wondrous tech-heavy towers of power offer hi-end audio at a price… We have before us a mighty speaker system with a stylish turn of heel, packing in a mass of technology including four 8″ RDT II bass drivers, twin 4″ RDT II mid-range drivers and an MPD transducer. That’s a Micro Pleated Diaphragm high-frequency transducer designed specifically for the Platinum series and a patented … Continue reading Monitor Audio Platinum’s PI500 II: “greater sound accuracy…”

Audio Research’s Reference 160M

No other amp is built like it, looks like it, or sounds like it, says Audio Research. Paul Rigby introduces you to the ultra-high-end Reference 160M power amplifier, available here at £28,998 per pair. After two years in development, the new, high-end Acoustic Research Reference 160M (REF160M) Monoblock Power Amplifier features a refined audio topology that looks the business. Based on valve technology, it is … Continue reading Audio Research’s Reference 160M

Dan D'Agostino’s Relentless

In our series showcasing high-end hi-fi to die for, Paul Rigby takes a closer look at the ingenious design of hif-fi legend Dan D’Agostino’s new monoblock amplifier model, the Relentless, which will cost you a whopping £275,000 per pair! Eye-wateringly expensive and larger than you might think at 22.5×11.5×32.5 inches, while weighing in at a hefty 484lb, this 1,500W monoblock amplifier features a precision input … Continue reading Dan D'Agostino’s Relentless

Gold Note’s Mediterraneo – “sonic stability…”

Paul Rigby reviews a stylish Italian-made two-speed belt-driven turntable with a classy-looking aged Italian walnut lower plinth, designed to reduce turbulence and aid sonic stability… Complete with B-7 ceramic tonearm, this beauty will set you back £6,008 and is available here. Right from the off, you notice it: that wavy lower plinth made out of walnut. This one feature provides a clue to the intriguing … Continue reading Gold Note’s Mediterraneo – “sonic stability…”

SME’s Synergy – “audiophile necessities…”

In our series showcasing high-end hi-fi to die for, Paul Rigby checks out an integrated belt-drive turntable that’s ready and waiting to deliver superior sonics, straight off the shelf… It’ll set you back a hefty £14,950 and is available here. The Synergy is a stunning new turntable design from British company SME, in collaboration with leading audio specialists. It combines the legendary SME Series IV … Continue reading SME’s Synergy – “audiophile necessities…”

McIntosh’s MC275 MK VI

In our series showcasing high-end hi-fi to die for, Paul Rigby guides you through the features of an ultra high-spec power amplifier that positively glows with analogue radiance… and will cost you a cool £7,100! The MC275 MK VI is a supremely high-end power amplifier to slaver over and to drink in with the eyes – because there’s a lot going on here, and a … Continue reading McIntosh’s MC275 MK VI

Jadis’s Thalie – “Get Your Freq On…”

In our series showcasing high-end hi-fi to die for, Paul Rigby encounters the Thalie turntable – a precision-tooled marvel with only four rotating mechanical parts. This high-end machine will set you back a whopping £45,000 and is available here. Designed and built in France, this remarkable turntable is not only very heavy (it arrives at a hernia-inducing 80kg) but also rather gorgeous. The great thing about … Continue reading Jadis’s Thalie – “Get Your Freq On…”

Avid Ingenium

Avid – Ingenium

Avid doesn’t ‘do budget’. Owner and designer of Avid, Conrad Mas has described the Ingenium as his “budget model” but, well, it isn’t, really. Not in the classic sense of the term. A turntable costing £250 is budget, not one priced at £1,500.  What the Ingenium can be successfully described as is the simplest distillation of the Avid turntable ethos. When he started his company, … Continue reading Avid – Ingenium

The Top 40 Essential Krautrock Vinyl

The deluge of truly experimental music that came out of Germany in the early 70s gave the sonic envelope a good pushing like never before… The name krautrock is an umbrella term given to the broad genre of music created by a multitude of German bands in the early 70s. Reportedly, the faintly pejorative phrase was doled out by one of the hacks working in … Continue reading The Top 40 Essential Krautrock Vinyl