David Bowie — The Vinyl Buyer’s Bible

The David Bowie Vinyl Buyer’s Bible is your the guide to building the ultimate Bowie collection on vinyl.

Brought to you by the team behind Long Live Vinyl magazine, this collector’s special features in-depth articles on each of Bowie’s 27 studio albums – from his self-titled 1967 debut via Ziggy and the Berlin Trilogy to his poignant parting shot, Blackstar.

With more than £2 million of Bowie records having been sold on Discogs and 300,000 currently on sale, the Buyer’s Bible also packs in expert guides to collecting the key albums, written by seasoned record-dealing pros at 991.com and Bowie fanatics. These How To Buy guides will help you dig out valuable rarities, alternate pressings and priceless curiosities in the minefield that is the second-hand Bowie vinyl market.

If all that’s not enough, you’ll find an exhaustive Essential Bowie feature, which ranks every one of the great man’s albums, along with definitive Discogs pricing information. And our series of Choice Cuts pieces, written by Bowie collecting experts, focuses on the rare hidden gems you need to track down.

Whether you’re a Bowie completist looking to value your precious collection, looking to track down the last few pieces on your wishlist or are new to vinyl and seeking advice on how to kick off your Bowie collecting career, everything you need is inside the pages of the David Bowie Vinyl Buyer’s Bible.

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